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The Drain is a tense level-0 funnel adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG set in a combat-ravaged farming habitat.

Each player runs 4-5 level-0 prisoner-soldiers through the hellish battlefield of the colony ship Within Wheels. Their mission: win freedom by acquiring a legendary religious relic at the behest of their corporate jailors, PrayCo

The Wheel's hollow internal landscape of barren fields and rusting, bombed out structures swarm with monstrous bioengineered animals and lethal corporate relic hunters. Trenches, minefields, hull punctures and a stalemated battle bar passage from the high-gravity docking bays to the blasphemous prize waiting at the funnel's tip.

Simple farmers of the rotating colony ship Within Wheels starve as bargain InstaCrops wither on the vine. They turn to faith and ritual, concocting visions of a hell on earth from half-remembered traditions and commercialized lore. Bunker doors seal as their beacon calls upon believers to consecrate synthetic soil with holy blood.

The Drain takes a WWI influenced war-as-hell meat grinder and mashes it with bleak, occult survival horror themes drawn from video games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Darkwood. This 16-page zine is packed with everything you need to churn out a crop of battle hardened level-1 characters from level-0 rabble, including:

  •  Brand new rules for running carnage-filled funnels in Mothership.
  •  A funnel crawl map by Andrew Walter, gorgeously illuminated to chart the party's movement through the conical space.
  •  Vicious new items to arm your mob of funnel PCs.
  •  Art on every spread, including illustrations from Mothership creator Sean McCoy.


This module emulates Dungeon Crawl Classics’ "funnel" character generation in which each player pilots multiple level-0 characters through a "meat grinder". Survivors, forged in blood, earn their 1st level. If embraced, a funnel becomes a contest to achieve the most spectacular PC death. Players and GMs bond in murderous collaboration, anxieties surrounding character death melting away. PCs become resources to throw at problems rather than precious things to be guarded. Campaign-spanning legends of heroic sacrifice and bitter survival begin here.

All backers also receive a 1-page PDF of my funnel rules for Mothership immediately upon pledging so you can get started running your own funnels. The rules sheet will include guidelines for creating your own funnel adventures and running existing modules as funnels.

Ian Yusem: Pamphlet baron and occasional RPG blogger, Ian (myself) is the author and publisher of The Drain. Mothership fans might recognize some of my 3rd party scenarios like Moonbase Blues and Dinoplex: Cataclysm. I think The Drain is my best work yet, and I'm excited to send it out into the world.

Christian Kessler: The layout and design genius behind books like Silent Titans and Troika! Numinous Edition is putting his eminent talents behind this humble zine. Christian also illustrated the sweet, Russian constructivism-influenced cover art for The Drain. A man of many talents.

Fiona Maeve Geist: Editing powerhouse and RPG darling, Fiona has been essential to this project's development and she's done a wonderful job tightening up the manuscript. Fiona is a lead developer on Mothership and takes her pen to 99% of everything good in RPGs as part of the editing team MoonRat Conspiracy, including Ultraviolet Grasslands, Troika, Silent Titans, ad infinitum.

Andrew Walter: Andrew made the best damn map I've ever seen in an RPG for this project. You used to know his illustrations from beloved titles like Troika, Slipgate Chokepoint and Fever Swamp—now you know him from The Drain.

Sean McCoy: Last, but certainly not least, the design legend behind Mothership and co-owner of Tuesday Knight Games is contributing an absolute ton of fantastically horrifying art to this zine. Not a spread will go by without its splendor.

Available Rewards:


War Pig (Print + PDF)

Printed zine "The Drain" + PDF copy and all Digital and Physical Stretch Goals.


  • Print copy of "The Drain"
  • PDF copy of "The Drain"
  • Printed Postcard
  • All Digital Stretch Goals

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Trench Hound (PDF)

PDF copy of "The Drain" + all Digital Stretch Goals.


  • PDF copy of "The Drain"
  • All Digital Stretch Goals

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